In 2008 Nani Nieto founded Polo Elite in Buenos Aires.

We run a very successful program to learn polo, including individual and group lessons. Prior horseback riding experience is not required.
We also bring people to watch games during the autumn and spring seasons. For anybody visiting BA, polo is a can’t miss activity to experience!


Fernando Nieto

Possessing a very strong academic background and entrepreneurial spirit, Nani has run very successfully Polo Elite since 2008, offering all type of tours to experience polo the best way in Buenos Aires, including the famous polo lessons for non-riders.
From the beginning he has worked hard to play better polo, which is a very challenging sport. He relied on his strong determination to pick it up, and succeeded to play professionally in 9 countries already.
He likes to travel and learn about other cultures. Polo gave him the opportunity to get to know very friendly people from all over the world and to start a career in tourism as well.
Horses and dogs are his passion, he loves to spend time with them, specially with the foals and fillies.